I had always taken Kakuma to be a place more of a hell then it should be, but as the days pass by it has helped in sharpening my visions for the future. It has made me look back home to where I came from as many times as I can remember, and all that I ever see is pain, and the injustice that is either being done to or caused by my people. And it is all because they are not aware of what the world around them wants. 

This memories have become my driving force here, in the Kakuma of hardship, and if at all I would get help out of this place, I will make sure I finish my degree, make connections, and do all that it takes, to take home “education”, one thing that has always had attempts of  being taken away from me by “poverty”, the same thing (poverty) that has deprived my people the chance to see the other side of the world, and force them to see our sisters as nothing but a source of the so called “cows”. Education has been defined worldwide by many as the “Key to life” but to me, it is more than just a non-living thing (Key), it is the “eye” that allows us to see why we should have peace, embrace prosperity, and ourselves altogether.
Our land is naturally rich, but because of the lock of the eye to see that, my people continue to remain in the captivity of poverty, and violence over the little that they have.