Al-gorop (Prosopis Juliflora) or Starvation?

The world is beautifully heading to the core of the 4th industrial revolution where artificial intelligence is the talk of the day, but what pains me the most is not how this is happening but the fact that, I thought I had move away from the land where women are muted of their own rights, they do not have the voice to speak for themselves, or make decisions for their own rightful God given families, and men programmed to see women as nothing compared to them, only to find out that it is God’s way of teaching me that it is not the women of where I come from that are being faced by the problems of dehumanisation. In a land so rich, life still becomes tough to an extent of women growing thorny bushes on their heads for survival, but there is no voice to let the world know how much pain they are passing through, or keep the history so that one day they can use it to defend their rights.

The woman in the picture is a Turkana, carrying a thorny Prosopis Juliflora locally known as ‘Al-gorop’ in the local dialect, and she is taking it to a place she has been hired to make a fence by a refugee resident, so that she can say no to starvation, and get paid to put food on the table for her family.

Turkana might be one of the places in the world that is denied water from the sky, that we all know!
But it happens that it has a lot of water underground, why then can’t boreholes be dug as many as possible for these hard working women of Turkana, and they be provided with Agricultural tools, irrigation tools, agricultural seeds, and adult schools be open to educate them in the local dialect, and help them understand the concept of agriculture, and how it changed some parts of the world like the USA to the beauty that they have today, in state of giving them Aids that can never help them change their life nor leave them to die, and continue to invest millions of money in making life better through the fourth industrial revolution that is aimed to decrease the human work load, yet some parts of the world are not even in the first industrial revolution, and people are rotting in poverty, because they have no jobs to give them the mains for survival, and all this we leave in the hands of the government of the country yet we know vividly that one hand cannot clap. I do not know what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, or the great Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, or Abraham Lincoln who beautifully said, “The Government of the people, for the people, and by the people, shall never perish from the earth,” would say about our world, but what I know, and believe Nelson Rolihlahla Madela would ask is “Oh world! Where has your Ubuntu gone?” So, as a human being that thinks of the wellbeing of all humanity, what can you do to help the sinking parts of the world?